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Please read the following Delivery Conditions carefully before ordering products in our online store.

VIVELL SAS, (hereinafter referred to as "The Company") a company legally incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Colombia, identified with NIT 900.708.883-1, domiciled in the city of Medellín at Calle 30 A No. 69- 47, defines the following terms and conditions:

    These Delivery Conditions apply to all offers and contracts related to the sale and supply of products by The Company. When you make a purchase of any product on our Website (, on any web page directly connected to our Website (, or accept an offer from The Company, your acceptance of the Delivery Conditions during the order process constitutes your acceptance of the applicability of these Delivery Conditions. It will only be possible to deviate from these Delivery Conditions if The Company agrees in writing.

    The offers on our Website (, are without obligation and do not bind The Company. The Company will not be bound by manifest transcription errors, mistakes in promotional descriptions and in other statements in the offer in this. Small color variations or other minor product variations may occur as a result of different imaging and display technologies, or for other technical reasons. The Company is not responsible for these variations and deviations.

The prices shown do not include tax. Prices are expressed in US dollars. The Company reserves the right to make price and product changes prior to an order placed. The Company reserves the right to change, limit or terminate special offers or promotions at any time.

    To formalize a purchase-sale contract for our online store, you must be at least 18 years old to be able to buy products through our Website (

The orders you make through the Website (, of the products offered by The Company are only an offer to enter into a sales contract. The sales contract will only be effectively concluded when the Company confirms the order by e-mail.

You must guarantee that the information you provide to The Company in the request or order is accurate and complete. The Company is not obligated to accept an order. The Company shall have the right at all times to verify an order in advance or to reject an order without giving reasons.

    The Company will deliver to the address provided by you within the USA territory, registered at the time of purchase. Deliveries will be made on business days, except holidays. All deliveries will be accompanied by an acknowledgment of receipt.

If you request that The Company deliver the order in several different places, it may charge you extra delivery costs; Each of the individual shipments will constitute an independent contract which will have the same treatment and delivery time stipulated as an individual order and, this will not entitle you to cancel any other shipment.

Delivery periods are indicative and therefore are not considered strict deadlines. The mere fact of having exceeded a delivery period will not give you any right to compensation, for this you can notify said situation through a PQRS (Requests, Complaints and Claims) to the Customer Service Area through the means of communication already indicated.

    If the Company discovers before concluding the contract that it cannot supply the ordered products, it may offer you an equivalent product in terms of quality, price and function; You will not be obliged to accept the replacement product, therefore, if you wish, you can return it within 5 days and the Company will bear the costs, this does not mean that you cannot use your right to cancel or return.

Likewise, the Company discovers later it will have the right to terminate the contract. Naturally it will inform you immediately about it and will refund the payments you have made.

    The Company has various methods and forms of payment for its Online sales, which you can consult directly on our Website ( The Company will carry out an individual credit check for each purchase in accordance with the Company's Protection Policy. Depending on the results of this control, the Company reserves the right to reject certain payment methods.

    By making purchases on the Website (, you implicitly accept as a customer freely and voluntarily, receive and pay on the respective due dates, the electronic invoices originated by the purchase of items from The Company, and likewise authorize it, so that, as of the date, it publishes the invoice for the sale of items purchased by the company that is mentioned as the acquirer in this document.

Likewise, you accept as a client the sending of an invoice by electronic means and this exempts the Company from making a shipment of it physically.
The invoice delivery by electronic means will be available for your service from the date, and this will be exclusively billed electronically, except in cases of contingency plan for technical damage to systems where a manual invoice will be delivered.
Each invoice issued by The Company complies with the requirements established by DIAN, therefore, in the event of any claim, the same solution procedure applies to PQRS (Petitions, Complaints and Claims) by contacting us at the following email
As a client you acknowledge and accept that it is your responsibility to have the active service of the e-mail reported for this purpose.
The acceptance of the invoice will be understood with the notification of receipt or read of the invoice remittance email for all legal purposes.

    The products supplied will remain the property of The Company until you have paid in full all the amounts derived by virtue of any contract that you have with us, including the payment of costs, that corresponding to previous or subsequent deliveries or that of partial deliveries. You will not be able to sell, dispose of or tax the products before acquiring ownership of them.

    United States law will apply to the contract.

    The Company wishes to draw your attention to the washing and maintenance instructions printed on the product labels. The Company will not be responsible for any damage resulting from the incorrect or improper handling or use of the products, including use contrary to the instructions.

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Applies to online store only at


•Valid May 25, 2023 thru June 16, 2023.

•Valid for the following references: 09046-09066-09047-09052-09048-09021-09043-09010-09016-09008-09017-09273-09347-09346-09272-09230-09106-09366-09231-09068-09185-09053-09111-09375-09215-09216-09103-09236-09175-09086.

•Back orders do not qualify

Applies to any payment method.

•This discount is subject to electronic invoicing, for which the customer must provide their personal information for the generation of the mandatory electronic invoice. Name, contact number, email address.

•No cash refunds apply to promotional or discounted items.

•Promotion cannot be combined with other offers. If the customer meets the requirements for more than one active promotion, they will be assigned a gift or discount of the highest category.